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The Physical Performance Show features interviews with the world’s leading and most inspiring physical performers, as well as Expert Editions featuring some of the world’s leading health and fitness experts. Guest’s share the highs, lows, and learnings from their careers. The Show’s is designed to educate & inspire listeners to pursue their best physical performance.

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The Physical Performance Show

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Take a deep dive with experts in performance with our tri-annual events. This 3 hour session deliver detailed understand of Performance related topics which you follow allow in the included workbooks. These are sessions you don't want to miss.
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Fuelling the Endurance Athlete

With Sports Dietitian Renee McGregor
What do we mean by The endurance athlete?, Common myths - lighter makes you faster; fat adaptation, Should we treat male and female athletes the same?, Common pitfalls - REDs and the consequences, and more...
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Renee McGregor