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Take a deep dive with experts in performance with our tri-annual events. This 3 hour session deliver detailed understand of Performance related topics which you follow allow in the included workbooks. These are sessions you don't want to miss.
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Our past events can be accessed on-demand and you'll have access to everything just like you were there on the day.
On Demand Doctor Stephen Seiler Event Recording

Durability and High Intensity Repeatability in Endurance training

With Dr. Stephen Seiler

Session 1:  Understanding the Big Training Picture for Long Term Development.
Session 2: How low and How Long for “The 80%”?
Session 3: High Intensity Training Sessions: Intensify or Extend?
Session 4: Training Monitoring: Train-Eat-Sleep-Adjust.
Session 5: Q&A.

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Shona Halson On Demand
Stephen Seiler On Demand