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Positive Sports Psychology: Cultivating deep well-being with Rory Darkins

During the 3 hour event acclaimed expert Rory Darkins covers these topics:

  • Session 1: What is well-being & how do we measure it?
  • Session 2: The links between well-being & performance.
  • Session 3: Practical strategies for optimising well-being
  • Q&A with Rory Darkins

On-demand access to a recording of the livestream is available shortly after the event for those that want watch again or missed the event.

What’s included?

  • Pdfs of slides
  • A recorded copy of the Livestream

Webinar is ideal for:

  • Coaches (all levels: junior to elite)
  • Athletes (all levels-especially endurance athletes: runners, triathletes, rowers, cyclists, swimmers)
  • Health and medical professionals (exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, sports physicians, specialists)
  • Fitness professionals (personal trainers, strength & conditioning)
  • Students (health, exercise, sports sciences)

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About Rory Darkins

Rory is a positive psychology academic, mental skills coach to Olympic athletes and the brains behind the What’s Right app. Rory is a regular speaker at global conferences including the World Congress on Positive Psychology.

He translates the best of the research into practical and easy to understand strategies that anyone can take home and apply to life and thrive. Rory has a diverse sporting background, having spent many years traveling the world pursuing professional cricket alongside his own competitive running, having competed internationally in surf lifesaving for the 2km beach event and alongside Eloise Wellings, Rory co hosts the “What's Right Within” podcast.